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About Us

We present for your attention the world's first cryptocurrency exchange in Telegram.

Become a part of the revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange!

Buy, sell, store and trade
digital currencies in messenger

Telegram client interface makes impossible to obtain any information about servers which are related to our project, this in fact excludes the possibility of hacking and losing our clients' funds.
Also we use basic measures to protect our servers.

  • Instant
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Margin Trading
  • Anonymity
  • Friendly customer support

More Features

The modern exchange in your messenger

Quick payouts

Now you don't need to wait to receive your money.

ICO projects in our exchange

Launch your ICO using our exchange.


Allows you programatically perform all actions you can from our interface.

Аvailable for all countries

You need only telegram account on your phone or computer.

BidGram ICO


BidGram coin owners will receive 50% from exchange earning.


BidGram coins owners will receive their dividends every week, depending on the number of BidGram coin.

Affiliate program

Receive 5% from each BidGram purchase from your partners.


BidGram coins owners have access to the development process.


Security - many exchanges were hacked, and traders lost a huge amount of funds.

Telegram allows us to protect against attacks that exploit the classic vulnerabilities of the Web protocol and gain access to the internal network.

In addition to the classic measures taken to protect our servers, we will have a protective layer as telegram servers. As a result, attackers will first need to gain control over the internal network of Telegram.

Access from anywhere in the world

Inaccessibility from specific countries / regions - many people don't have access to exchanges or are forced to trade on their local exchanges, buying at inflated prices.

To access the exchange, user needs a telegram account on the phone or the computer.

Anyone can't ban user for IP. In addition, for your Internet service provider, it will look like just an access to the messenger.

Availability 24 hours/day

Overloaded servers in other exchanges and they begin to "lag".

Telegram does not allow DDOS attack to a particular project inside it. And it controls the number of requests.

To ensure access to our exchange, we will use the system of "rooms".

Join us!

Take part in ICO and development process. If you have any questons, write us. We would be glad to hear your opinion!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use our crypto exchange


BidGram - first cryptocurrency exchange in Telegram.